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  1. AGE: 18 IGN: Valkorn Minecraft/Tekkit experience: I've played minecraft since early alpha stages for tekkit I've started playing since the last 2 weeks. Been really into industrial and buildcraft and looking forward at the moment to get into redpower. Extra information is always appreciated: I play quite a few hours a day, so I'll be on a lot if people need help. (Although I think it would be the other way around, since I'm still quite new to tekkit )
  2. IGN: Valkorn Age: 18 Skype(optional): Tekkit experience(1-10): 3? Mainly Industrial- and build-craft I have played with. Time Zone: GMT +1 How much time do you plan on playing per day? I can play a lot, kinda depending on my mood but an average of 2/3 hours a day (low average). The build you are most proud of? Building I'm most proud of having my Nuclear power plant (1 reactor with 6 chambers atm) run my factory. (Giving energy to 12 machines + 6 quarry's). Why do you think our server is right for you? Because I believe there is a good helping staff in here. Further it's not to big so there should be enough nice spots left open to choose from ^^.
  3. Thank you for giving me the answer guys Well then this can be closed, I got my answer ^^.
  4. Hello folks, I have recently started using Tekkit and I am really enjoying it, but as I was watching duncan's tekkit video's get to know the things a little I noticed something. He is able to use electric engine's and I am not. Is this because he's using an older version or something? I'm kinda confused so I would like an answer to this, thank you =)
  5. Member App: Valkorn IGN: Valkorn Age: 18 Country/Timezone: Netherlands (GMT +1) Tekkit Experience: Not that much, just started playing it and loving it. Though I understand the basics of the game already. Mainly did the industrial craft part. Reason for joining: Because it seems like a good server, it's still "clean" so I want to take my chance in getting good spot for myself . Have you read the rules: Yes I have indeed read the rules. How long have you played tekkit: About 2 weeks. What you feel you can contribute: I feel like I can contribute good to the server in helping new players out and such. Maybe build some general buildings. Time you can contribute to the server: Quite a lot of time, depending on how busy college gets, but I should be free the coming two weeks.
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