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  1. When you lick the launch buton, if it doesn't taste like grape then you're doing it wrong. Try deleting your system32.dll file, this should make it taste better.
  2. I'm so doing this to my husband. I love it!
  3. Did you try unplugging your computer and plugging it back in? If that doesn't work, try giggle.
  4. You need to create a bug report, this isn't the right section for that.
  5. I'm going to guess you're playing on hard mode. Zombies can break doors on hard mode. You can either replace them with iron doors or change the difficulty to normal (although since you placed this in the SMP section, unless it's your server you can't change the difficulty). I'm not sure where you heard that about endermen, but unless you have a plugin restricting them from block damage they can pick up dirt and sand.
  6. You use the Technic client (the client is the launcher). 3.1.2 is the build you use. When you first open the launcher (BEFORE you log in) choose options, then you can either select 3.1.2 manually or recommended build (3.1.2 is the current recommended build). If for some reason there is a new recommended build, and the server you play on has not updated (which is common because they have to wait on the protection plugins to also update) then select the build manually and go back to 3.1.2. Dev builds are meant for people who want to be testers and work out bugs, not the average player.
  7. I placed the engine in the wrong place, that's a setup I just moved back 5 blocks, and haven't used it since I moved it, so I just didn't fix it yet is all. I edited the picture to show the correct working setup.
  8. If those ports were in fact closed, then no one would be able to connect to your regular mc server. The link you provided also shows my ports I use for MC to be closed, even though they are not. Having your ISP reset your connection is literally the same thing as unplugging your modem and plugging it back in. I'm really at a loss to help you, sorry.
  9. You might want to consider using a plugin like SimpleSpawn or Essentials so that you can set your spawn and home location.
  10. Have you gone to the mods list section of their site? The links are all broken. It doesn't give you any information, just a broken link. That, to me, is unprofessional. They are trying to release everything so fast, and it's full of bugs (not minor bugs, bugs that can literally break your world). I prefer Technic/Tekkit's way of doing things, not posting a dev build link (the 1.4.2 one I mean) on the front page for every noob to download and not know how to use. By not doing this, you avoid unnecessary bug report traffic and multiple posts with the same subject. The same with posting empty promises, people will only get pissed if those promises are not fulfilled. That is why it's pointless to give you such updates as "[insert mod here] is being worked on", because it only opens up for more "When will it be done?" questions. They DON'T KNOW when it will be done, it will be ready when it's ready.
  11. Funny you should mention them, since their last only news update was October 8, 2012. Their page literally has a mod list, and a "hopefully we'll have this implemented" promise list.
  12. I did read your post, in its entirety, and I especially like the part about you expecting updates such as "we've googled redpower2, and it seems under work, etc." What you're asking for is them to give you status updates on the mods. That's why I put in the reminder to you, even though you stated that you knew that it's a launcher, and that they have no control over when they are updated and ported, because it seems as though you forgot that fact when you starting asking them to google it for you. That's what they're waiting for, what else do you want them to say? "Still waiting on [insert status of each of the 40+ mods here]". I didn't touch base on the part of your post about their way of moderating their forums, because quite frankly if you don't like it, don't use it.
  13. Oh, mah bad. I was under the impression you were crying about not getting status updates.
  14. You missed the entire point of what I said. Technic/Tekkit is literally a launcher with mods pre-installed. They don't make the mods, they make the easy to use launcher. Their hands are tied behind their back until the mods are ported. There is a dev build for 1.4.2 which you can use as well. You can also install your own mods if you feel so put out by their "lack of holding your hand customer service". Google is your friend. Even searching in the forums (general forum etiquette) would have provided you with some of the information your asking for. And I don't see what's wrong with banning people who are too lazy to read or put a little effort into trying to fix a problem themselves before posting yet another thread asking the same thing as the 5 other people who posted a thread asked. If you can't figure out how to use the interwebz, do us a favor and just unplug your computer.
  15. I'm not sure how you would get the timing down if you weren't using chests. I use the exact amount of materials for 512 Solar panels, then 64 LV Transformers, then take that and make 8 MV Solar Arrays, then I just do the HV Solar Array by hand. I do plan on making this a little more automated (connecting extractors for rubber and what not), but this is the setup I'm using:
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