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  1. The servers fun. Many great mods all in one. With this many mods it takes a lot of work to make little to no compatibility issues.
  2. IGN: turcotte1 Age: 14 Why would you like to join our community? I would like to join this community because this is the first server I found for hexxit, and so far it seems like a high end server. Have you read, and agree to all of our rules? Yes
  3. Age: 13 Username: turcotte1 How long I have played: I am going to start today. Am I baned: I have been baned once but i have learned from what I did wrong Why should u choose me: Well im a pre-mod on another server and I really want to help this server prosper Position: I would like Admin but I will take Mod so I can prove that you wont regret it. Extra Detail: I am Pre-Mod on another server, I am trusted on many servers, and I have been baned once but learned from my mistake.
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