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  1. So, i was checking out my modpacks, and i wanted to check out TPPI, but it started and then disapeared. No crash message, no nothing. I tried to use other modpacks, but they also opened, and then closed. Can someone help me?
  2. Due to the new update im required to update my information: Minecraft Username - solarempire Are you a YTer?-yes. Youtube - Mrhellooon
  3. You should enlist MrDrKovacic. He can possibly make making custom modpacks easier(as in:1. select the mods you want to put in your modpack. 2.Click ok. 3.enjoy!
  4. Im a new/minor ytber, so please add me! MC username:solarempire Side notes:Im very kind, but im maybe at school, and i have not yet figured a way to make MC videos in minecraft on mac
  5. Member App:Imac IGN:solarempire Age:11 Country/Timezone:Latvia +2:00 Tekkit Experience:I am new to tekkit, but i watched yogscast Reason for joining:The deluxe servers are really confusing Have you read the rules:Sir yes sir! How long have you played tekkit:2 hours ( i think) What you feel you can contribute:Some ideas, a new look. Time you can contribute to the server:Idk I don't know...
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