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  1. Ign(In game name):SepticArmadillo Age:17 Where are you from?: United States What do you like to build?: I enjoy building underground bases in which my friend (Foomister) and I toy with different machines, and power generation systems. What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?:I primarily mine, and build. Although I sometimes dabble with machines. Why do you want to play on this server? My friend and I have been looking for a decent server to play on for quite some time now, and we feel this might be the one, with its large player base, active admins, and from what
  2. Dang it, never mind about that one. I screwed around on it for a bit and it ended up having some sucky block lag. and it is also full most of the time.
  3. This seems to be a good one. IP:, The version is the "recommended build"
  4. I've looked at about three now, so far they've all had big lag issues.
  5. Hmm. I can't seem to connect to it yet, how about you?
  6. How about rock-paper-scissors for who chooses? Oop, you win, you choose. Hehe.
  7. What ever you would prefer, I don't really care a whole lot which we do.
  8. Do you have a server in mind that we could derp around on while this one is down for the moment?
  9. Sure, I would give it a try. I screwed around with it a bit a while ago, it was pretty interesting.
  10. [Whitelist Application] Minecraft Name: Septicarmadillo Why would you like to join the community here at SilliTekkit: The server that I was playing on recently was only up for about two days out of every seven, so I started looking for a reliable server with what seems a friendly community. After looking at several different servers, I came across this one. What I read about it made it stand out from the crowd. With the time that it is up being reliable, the way players cooperate with one-another, and the sense of community the being the way it is (or so I gathered from posts) makes it a ser
  11. So i'm able to log on, but it seems like the world got reset again. Did it?
  12. I don't know why the server is down at the moment. I'll try to get in contact with Tobi and see how things are coming along with getting it going again.
  13. Servers gone down for the weekend. Tobi will hopefully have it back up by sometime on monday.
  14. Feel free to refer anyone, no limitation on who can put in an application.
  15. Toooobbbiiiii. How are things coming along with the server?
  16. "1. Didn't Foom already apply? Or is he asking for like an op or something?" He was just commenting on Fooms original application because he's one of the only ones who choose Pineapples instead of Potatoes on the application.
  17. Do you have any idea as to when you'll be able to get the server up and going again?
  18. I guess that's an acceptable excuse...for now.
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