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How to clear all drops without console access?

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ive got a problem: A player on my server created an overflowing cobble gen. Now the server get stuck when I try to restart. I dont have console access, only FTP and via a Webform where I can restart or stop the server.

Do you have any idea how I can delete all the drops from the savefile? I looked for some Plugins, but it seems as if they only work from ingame via a console command. So I wondered if it is possible to remove the items directly from the savefile?


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You can do it with mcedit if you download the map. Their is a option to select a area and remove all the floating items contained with in.

A similar incident happened to the server I play on and we were able to fix it that way. The issue was that someone built a EE powered ice gen to cool their SUC reactor and it over flowed big time.

Just a warning thou as we ran into a issue where all the build craft pipes disappeared form our world. But I am not sure if that is from mcedit or from opening the world in ssp tekkit to make sure the machine/reactor was disabled. As we wanted to make sure it would work before uploading the large map back to the server. Thankfully none of us really did much with build craft at the time since the server was still very young.

Just make sure to have a back up before going anything.

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Ok, I used World Edit. Luckily there is a Version that supports the new Anvil Map format:



With that Version its also very convenient to find and jump to player positions. Since I knew which player caused the big lag, I was able to jump to him. After unselecting that items should be viewed the editor was running with more than 0.04 FPS and I was able to delete the entities around.


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