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Vanilla terrain generation with Tekkit ores. Possible?

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Hi everybody.

I've been running a vanilla server for me and a couple of my friends for about a month now, and we're thinking of switching to Tekkit. However, I'd like to keep our world, and avoid the ugly chunk boundary walls that result from exploring with a different terrain generation algorithm.

So my question is, is it at all possible to merge vanilla and Tekkit code as to keep the surface generation code from vanilla, and have the ore generation from Tekkit, and if so, how time consuming would that be? I thought I'd rather ask here before spending many hours poring through Minecraft code, with possibility of zero result.

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Off the top of my head, that would lie somewhere between "way too much work for too little benefit" and "you must be fucking kidding me".

Not that it's a bad idea: It's a good idea. But Minecraft's code is as twisty as my small intestine, and the chance of you being able to just swap old and new code and have it work is honestly too low to make almost anyone want to try.

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Hmmm. Well how does the terrain generation work? I imagine it's just done serverside (although with how retarded everything else is, I'm not too sure). And I imagine I'd want to implant the vanilla code into Tekkit, in which case I'd like to know where to look for the terrain gen in Tekkit. In fact, are there any tutorials floating around about terrain gen? I saw plenty for new items and blocks, but none even vaguely related to terrain.

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There are more than twenty-five source files dedicated to world generation, plus bits and pieces throughout many other source files that use it. You don't just "implant the vanilla code into Tekkit". I don't think you understand just what Tekkit is.

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There is no obvious difference between the surface terrain in say tekkit 3.0.4 and vanilla 1.2.5, as that version of tekkit is based off 1.2.5 anyway. The difference is the various mods add things, BC adds oil wells, forge does most of the ore generaton, IC2 and RP add trees, RP generates marble caves.

If your vanilla server is 1.2.5 it *should* be ok, but here is how to test.

1. run tekkit server for the first time, then stop it.

2. go into its 'world' folder, nuke level.dat and the entire 'region' folder.

3. replace the files you removed with the same ones from your old map

4. reboot machine to clear the memory

5. run tekkit server and explore to a known existing map edge.

If on the other hand you want your existing surface/buildings but with the extra ore underground, your better off not copying the region files, and using MC edit to do a major copy/paste job into a fully explored new version of the original map seed.

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