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Hexxit Youtube Licence


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Hello people ^^ I want to soon make a project with Hexxit, but I wanted to ask how that is so with copyright and such stuff.

Allow modders to record a with the mods or rather not? Have the modders written that possibly somewhere and I'm just too stupid to find it? xD

I hope you know an answer ^^ That would help me a lot :)

I am German and my English is a little rusty ^^ I hope you can read it anyway: D

~ Juliboo

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You're okay with recording yourself playing the game.

A lot of people do.


Also, for the future: if you continue posting here (please do! New people are cool!) please remember to read the rules. You're currently breaking one. ;)

Links to the rules in my signature.


Please stick around, and have fun posting!

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I haven't found a mod nor modder that explicitly stated "May not be used in recordings" - plenty say no modpacks, none say nothing about recording permissions. So go for it. Chances are anyway if a mod stated it wasnt permitted to be used in recordings that the mod would never be used in modpacks.

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