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Newbie needs help with Tekkit Wooden Transport Pipe


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I have just got started with Tekkit via the Technic Launcher. I have spent several days trying to get the Wooden Transport pipe to extract objects from a chest but I can't get it to work, nothing happens. All I am using is
chest    wooden pipe
             redstone engine
The redstone engine works when I throw the switch but nothing comes out of the chest (I did remember to put something in it!)
When I try the same setup with Tekkit Classic and Tekkit Lite it works fine.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
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The old Buildcraft pipes are practically Stone Age equipment at this point. They should still work somehow, but there are infinitely better alternatives in Itemducts and Extra Utilities Transfer Pipes. With Itemducts, wrench the connection to the attached inventory to extract mode (visible red arrow) and apply a redstone signal to extract. Works even without the signal with Thermal Expansion machines. When using Extra Utilities Pipes, a Transfer Node is necessary for extraction.

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Thank you for your reply.I have been following up on your suggestion and the whole world of Tekkit is beginning to open up to me. As a newbie I found it quite daunting and I had no way of knowing that the bit I latched on to was out of date. Perhaps I should have picked something simpler. Thanks to your help I am now on my way to getting to grips with it.

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