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McMyAdmin for tekkit servers?

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Hi, welcome to the single player forums, what's a server?



If it can run Bukkit, it should be able to run a bukkit-based server (Tekkit). Some of these programs have required users in the past to change the name or tekkit.jar to bukkit-soandso.jar in which bukkit-soandso.jar is the name of the launched jar file when the server installs bukkit itself. In other words, if you use it and install a bukkit server that creates an executable called bukkit-abc123.jar, you may have to rename your tekkit.jar to bukkit-abc123.jar in order to get it to work.

Once you've tried it and run into a problem you can't fix or find a solution to, report back (in the appropriate forum). I would also ask nicely for this thread to be moved to the Tekkit SMP forum.

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ok how do i move it?

Ask an admin nicely or wait until they come across it and move it for you.

What have you tried?

There's a long since dead thread regarding people setting up servers using such software and how they've had to find out the naming scheme for tekkit.jar with their hosts. I believe that those kinds of threads would help you get some information and a possible solution.

However, until you post a detailed list of what you tried, in what order, you won't get much help that doesn't rely on luck.

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