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[3.1.2] Entropy 24/7 Tekkit Server [mcMMO][LogBlock][PreciousStones][Multiverse]


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Entropy 24/7 Public Tekkit Server

Server IP: tekkit.slwsteven12.com

Dynmap: tekkit.slwsteven12.com:8123

Forums: forums.slwsteven12.com

Current Tekkit Version: 3.1.2

Thank you for choosing Entropy. Entropy is a 6 month old Tekkit server with a great community and some interesting plugins. We are always looking for new members to join our community. We are committed to making the game as enjoyable as possible for everyone. This server is not PvP, but is instead focused on building. If you have always wanted to build that giant structure but couldn't find a good place to build it, Entropy is your place. We are always looking for experienced builders and players to join our server, and even welcome new players to Tekkit and will help you learn the ropes. So what are you waiting for? Come try out the Entropy Tekkit Server.


slwsteven12 - Owner

DocVal - Admin

sizzl123 - Admin

CrashTapeIt - Mod

DarkBlueBandit - Mod


Dedicated Server-

Intel Xeon QuadCore 1230v2 @ 3.2ghz

Up to 8gb of RAM



Logblock (Anti-Grief)

PreciousStones (Protections)

LWC (Chest, Door, Machine, etc. Protections)



mcMMO (All Tekkit Tools added)

Towny (for player shops)

MyWarp (for donors of $10 or more)


MobArena(Coming soon)

Spleef(Coming soon)

Note about EE2:

EE2 has this terrible way of ruining a server's economy and allowing you to reach the "end-game" within a few days/weeks. For this reason, we don't have all of EE2 enabled. We do have RM/DM Tools, Alchemy Bags, Divining Rods, and a few other things still enabled. Anything related to transmutation is off for now. This may change at a later date, but until further notice, this is our policy on EE2. To somewhat make up for this, we have mcMMO, which allows for double drops and skill-ups.

Quarries, TNT, and Miners:

Because Quarries, TNT, and Miners all have a tendency to not only make the map difficult to navigate, but also put huge holes in an otherwise great looking map, we have multiple maps.


This world has the portals to the other worlds on it.


-Main World

This world is where you will build your house, castle, factory, or other major builds. However, Quarries, TNT, and Miners are not allowed on this map. Don't be alarmed though, we do have a map for that!


-Resource Map

This world is solely for mining, TNT, Quarries, etc. It is reset every weekend, so don't leave your things on it.



This map is obviously your basic Nether with NetherOres. It also will be reset when needed to allow for more people to collect glowstone easily.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us on Entropy!

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Just got banned. Not sure why everyone here has a stick up their ass, but it was a helluva time. Crash was an enormous bag of dicks. His sharp tongue was hilarious, and I toyed with him for over an hour. Cynicism is apparently a bannable offense. The mods run this shit like a communist state. Any opposition is shot down instantly. 10/10. Would get banned again.

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Just gonna leave these banned items here, for anyone else who wouldn't want to join a server with this many items banned..

Transmutation Tablet

Philosophers Stone


Mining Laser

RM Furnace

Block Breaker


Destruction Catalyst

Nova Catalyst

Nova Cataclysm


Evertide Amulet

Volcanite Amulet

Gem of Eternal Density


Watch of Flowing Time

Ring of Arcana

Ring of Ignition

Zero Ring

Klein Star

Antimatter Relay


Teleport Tether

World Anchor

Anchor Cart

Transmutation Tablet

CF Sprayer

Throwable Dynamite


Black Hole Chest

Red Matter Morningstar

Red Matter Katar

Red Matter Hammer

Dark Matter Hammer

Energy Collectors - Allowed for Donators

Swiftwolf's Rending Gale - Allowed for Donators

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Slw...its me Jevelin74, and I have had just about enough with Crash...he even banned me for being "rude" I dont get how you can handle him even less call him a mod...All I want is to be able to play without Crash up my ass...I really love you're server I really do! Its Crash thats making me hate it...dont bann me or anything pweez *meep*

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Joined the server, mined for quite awhile and had quite the amount of resources. Then I decided to look for a building spot, looking at the plots and trying to figure out the system, I wander arround and see alot of ruins of old houses, decided to break a block on the corner of the house to see if that zone was protected or okay to build in, i got the block and immediatly replaced it. Moved on, found other buildings, tried the same thing, it didn't work because the house was protected, so i realised that you can have protection blocks wheverer you want. And then suddenly... I'm banned for griefing, no one asked what i was doing, no one wronged any of my actions verbally, nope, just bannned for trying to figure out how the system on the server works. Nice...

I'm not a griefer at all, obviously one of you was invisible and following me arround, you must have seen me replace the block from the house i broke only a minute before that, and then i get banned for trying to break a block i can't even break. Wow... just wow. Maybe explain your plot system somewhere instead of banning people for trying to figure it out? Not everyone is familiar with all the bukkit stuff...

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