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Admin "Buttons": toggle day/night, gamemode, etc.

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Hello! Newb here. I've been running a Tekkit SMP server (thru Hamachi) with my gf for a few months sans hiccups. Well, the latest update to the Technic Launcher required an update to the Tekkit server to 3.0.3. Quite exciting!

Well, after the update of our clients we noticed that we're missing the buttons that were in the earlier version that could be accessed by the menu (and also the ability to click to grab an item from the list to the right - even when elevated to OP).

Does anyone know how to re-enable or install these buttons? They were so handy for us newbs! Are they client plugins?

I don't know the names of these features/buttons so my attempts at forum-searches failed. If this is a re-post of a question please help me find my way to the relevant thread.


Widdlest Panda

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First: Make sure the server has every plugin loaded, especially Not Enough Items. (NEI)

Second: Make sure the names of the admins are in OP.txt. Admin rights from a system like Permissions-Ex (PEX) are ignored by NEI.

Third: The second step is somewhat optional. In the config folder you have a file called 'NEIServer.cfg'. Open it. It's a small file, look for '#List of players who can use these features.' After this you'll find the permissions.

I'll show you what I've got myself:

#List of players who can use these features.

#Eg. time=CodeChicken, Friend1



    creative=OP, Iscamania

    delete=OP, Iscamania

    enchant=OP, Iscamania

    heal=OP, Iscamania

    item=OP, Iscamania

    load-state=OP, Iscamania

    magnet=OP, Iscamania

    notify-item=CONSOLE, OP, Iscamania

    rain=OP, Iscamania

    save-state=OP, Iscamania

    time=OP, Iscamania


OP means everyone who is in the op.txt file in the main folder of tekkit and as you could see, you could also put names of players here. I have put my own name there, because I'll sometimes de-op myself for a low profile. (I can also re-op myself when I done this but how that works is a different story.) Anyway, it should work if you follow my instructions.

EDIT: You're welcome, I'm glad it helped.

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Thank you, Iscamania! I followed your instructions - I didn't know about NEIServer.cfg. Everything was as it oughtta. I figured out then, that it must be clientside. So I reinstalled - voila, the buttons appear. Me and mine were using the BDCraft texture pack that was for MC 1.1. Facepalm* Thanks again for helping me get to the bottom of this!

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