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  1. Hi. My IGN is Iscamania and I would like to join your server. Looks good. I know FuriousDevi and Lythoc already, because I was on the server of Devi.
  2. Hey i saw your post on tekkit with logistic pipes, thankyou for all the information for getting it to work. just have a problem, dont know if you know how to fix it, but you seem like a person who has decent knowlege about mods and tekkit. Is there any way of stopping the server from crashing when using energy links?. If you could reply it would be great. Thankyou for your time.

  3. Er.... It doesn't work that way. Maybe it'll be somewhat less difficult to make new mods with the new update, but the old mods have to do almost a complete re-write for the new system. I can tell you, not much modders are looking forward to the new update. Even if the mod creators sorted their shit out, it there will be still Bukkit and the vanilla server. I'm sure of that, because the new update gives us only local LAN possibilities. The new API won't be out for at least version 1.4, if not a later version. Maybe after version 1.4, it will become much easier to write mods. (I like to dream) Atm. it's still complicated enough and only when you're lucky, you'll find a Bukkit port.
  4. I tested 1.3 pre-release yesterday and I can say it's bugged. It will most likely take a long time before Tekkit will update. Personally, I don't expect the Technic team will update for this buggy release. It will be possibly a few months before the next update.
  5. Yeah, the server software can be fishy sometimes. Always try a reboot before you post.
  6. Sorry, I'm stupid drunk as hell, but the Crafting table isn't in the new Tekkit anymore. Anyway, contact me when I'm sober (tomorrow) to get the right textures for it, or figure it out yourself. Your choice.
  7. Never heard of this, but I doubt it's a Tekkit related problem. I don't know, I'm drunk atm. Try to generate another world and see what happens. Tomorrow we talk again, when I'm sober. (God thank the spelling correction, else this wasn't readable....)
  8. I usually end up blowing everything up with some good old Nukes. XD
  9. Looks ok, but I have a cow milk farm capable of making one diamond every two seconds on my private server. I'll stick with that. ;)
  10. Hmmm... I had that falling in the void happening to me as well a few times. Not only with Tekkit on the SGTekkit server, but also with the vanilla client on another server while I have a decent machine. One time I literally died from it and the other times I spawn'd back into the world where I was before and all is good and well again. It seems to have something to do with Minecraft 1.2.5 rather than Tekkit.
  11. You could make a wool farm relatively easy and cheap with RedPower 2 for example. After that, use the wool to make pixel art or something. Be creative. --> Or make a tree farm, RP2 style. --> Ofcourse, your factory can't miss a good elevator --> How about a industrial diamond factory? Sounds good? --> (As you can see, I did strike-through industrial... The old method gives you now normal diamonds!) That should get you started with some ideas. Have fun.
  12. Read the post again, he's promoting tubes. He doesn't say anything about getting rid of that, instead he said to get rid of the buildcraft pipes. ;)
  13. @DoomGiver32: I want to give you a thumbs up, but sadly there's no button for that.
  14. Imgur works fine atm... Anyway, this is what happens if the world seed is different from the seed you are using on the server. You did create the world in SSP and imported it to your server, am I correct? The seed in server.properties needs to be the same seed as your SSP world you imported. P.S.: This also happens if your world comes from a different version of Minecraft. Upgrading from Minecraft 1.1 to 1.2.5 (Tekkit 2.1.1 to 3.1.1) for example will do this too. There is a neat tool to make the border smooth and seperated with rivers. You could still do that. Open up your world in MCEdit and remove the new generated chunks. Then, run the tool to detect the contour of the map. After that, go find the border again ingame and fly around the whole map until everthing is generated again. Then exit the game and run the tool. Done. You've now smooth borders. Here's the tool (MCMerge): http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/629884-a-tool-for-merging-17181910-maps-mcmerge-v053/page__hl__ contour
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