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Tekkit 2.1.1 Release date?


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Does anyone who has been using Tekkit for a significant amount of time know when Tekkit 2.1.1 was released? (I joined in the middle)

Just would like to use it as an estimation of how long new tekkit versions are created. Which, even if not accurate, gives me peace of mind.

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I don't recall specifically when it was released but the main page would leave me to believe it was 07 Mar 2012.

However, using this to judge when the next version will be released is asinine. Tekkit relies on Mojang and every mod developer (and the people who create Bukkit ports) before they can even do a damn thing.

You want a metric? Look for major Minecraft updates, watch the completion of every mod therein, watch the bukkit conversion, and then install them all yourself and see if they're stable enough. If they're stable and available, Tekkit will probably have a new release soon.

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