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[3.1.2]Stonecraft[PvP][40][Open][No Equevelant Exchange]


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Rnen, N0va or Kell, any update on the situation?

I don't think any of them are actually checking this thread. I think they're leaving us to guess whether Stonecraft is dead or not. I think they've probably either:

1. Made another server and haven't told us about it.


2. They've buggered off onto another server without telling us.

I'll give them another week and see what happens.

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Goddangit. 'Nuff said. Plus, any other servers i've tried to play on are:

1. SUPER laggy

2. Keep crashing

3. Have evil people there

4. Unhelpful staff

5. Griefed spawn

6. Barely anyone on

7. Unstable server

8. People who keep begging for a faction

9. People begging to join a town

10. Too big a server (too many people. Like 100 people on) or too small a server (Only 3 people on).

I miss my castle... and my companion....

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Hey guys, sorry the server hasn't come back up, but we've moved on to my new mindcrack server, dedicated this time on feed the beast. Sorry I haven't posted sooner, I thought the thread was dead. Anyway, message me if you're interested! It's just tekkit but far better :D

^^^Also I made the server very recently, we didn't bugger off to one without telling you, just I invited Rnen to play on it bc I have him on steam, then a load of friends that play TTT came on aswell. You're all more than welcome to join us, none of us are too far in anyway, and the player cap is 20, so might upgrade AGAIN soon ;D

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Well if you're talking to Rnen, the IP will be on the front of the stonecraft page, if you're talking to me, I'd rather not post the IP publicly, so add me on steam (Caesura (profile picture same as this account <<---)) and tell me who you are, and I'll add you. Unless you'd just rather me whitelist it.

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