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Server refuses to load world after crash

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Launcher/pack Version:
Tekkit 2.1.0

Operating System:
Ubuntu 11.04 32bit

Version of Java:
Java 7 32bit

Description of Problem:
While creating a testing rail track, the server stopped responding. Last thing we did was moving a minecart underneath an advanced item loader. After that the world froze. The server doesn't start properly anymore with this specific world, but doesn't generate an new error. A new world starts normal.

Error msg is of the crashing moment. The pastebin log is when I try to start the server with that world now.

Error Messages:

2012-06-17 17:03:02 [sEVERE] null

java.io.IOException: Input/output error

at java.io.FileInputStream.readBytes(Native Method)

at java.io.FileInputStream.read(FileInputStream.java:242)

at java.io.BufferedInputStream.fill(BufferedInputStream.java:235)

at java.io.BufferedInputStream.read(BufferedInputStream.java:254)

at jline.Terminal.readCharacter(Terminal.java:99)

at jline.UnixTerminal.readVirtualKey(UnixTerminal.java:128)

at jline.ConsoleReader.readVirtualKey(ConsoleReader.java:1453)

at jline.ConsoleReader.readBinding(ConsoleReader.java:654)

at jline.ConsoleReader.readLine(ConsoleReader.java:494)

at net.minecraft.server.ThreadCommandReader.run(ThreadCommandReader.java:31)

Link to pastebin of log:

I've tried disabling railcraft mod and also just disabling certain railcraft items that we used at that time, but it didn't matter.

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It seems to me that you have a corrupted map. You could try to open it up in MC-Edit (after making a backup) and delete the chunks where you was busy. Minecraft will regenerate it after that. It sucks, but that's how you solve that kind of problems.

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I will try that, thanks. That world is mainly used for trying stuff for which we are allowed to spawn items in, so it wouldn't be a big loss. But I hope to track down what caused it so I can disable whatever caused it for our regular world we play on.

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