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ModifyWorld & Disabling Philosophers Stone's Block Changing Ability

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I cant seem to get ModifyWorld to block the Philosophers Stone right click block changing ability.

I have tried many things and looked at other post but nothing worked.

I am using Tekkit 3.0.3 and so is the server.

Maybe if I had a look at how it should be, I could get it..

So far, I have tried:

"- -modifyworld.items.use.27526:*"

"- -modifyworld.items.use.27526.*"

"- -modifyworld.items.use.27526:*.on.block.[block ID]"

"- -modifyworld.items.use.27526.*.on.block.[block ID]"

"- -modifyworld.item.use.27526:*"

"- -modifyworld.item.use.27526.*"

"- -modifyworld.item.use.27526:*.on.block.[block ID]"

"- -modifyworld.item.use.27526.*.on.block.[block ID]"

"- -modifyworld.blocks.interact.[block ID]"

"- -modifyworld.items.*.27526.?*"

any MUCH more I cant even remember........


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Can someone help me please?

I have this set up but it doesnt seem to be working.


- -modifyworld.blocks.(place|interact).(122|46|4095|27526:?*|250:15|126:0|126:1|126:2|126:4|126:10|126:11|137:3|126:10|126:11|179|208:0|214|237|27526:?*|30208:?*)

- -modifyworld.item.use.(27526:?*|26526|250:15|126:0|126:1|126:2|126:4|126:10|126:11|27526:?*2|27548:?*|27570:?*|27527:?*|27583:?*30208:?*).on.block.*:?*

- -modifyworld.item.use.*:?*.on.block.(27526:?*|26526|250:15|126:0|126:1|126:0|126:2|126:4|126:10|126:11|137:3|208:0|30208:?*)

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