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Remote MJ, no. Remote RF, yes. There is no EU in Tekkit any more, and good riddance.

Tesseracts are the go-to solution for intra-dimensional transport of items, fluids and energy, and this energy will be Redstone Flux (RF). Luckily for you, Thermal Expansion energy conduits will output RF or MJ as needed (conversion happens automatically), so you can attach your old MJ-using machines just fine to an RF network. This means you can just plonk a Tesseract on top of your Quarry, but you will have to run at least one piece of conduit between the two. Smart players like to put the Tesseract literally on top of the Quarry, place two pieces of conduit on the side to connect them, and place a buffer chest directly adjacent to the other end of the Tesseract connection.

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i see.. i loved playing tekkit lite but .. since i have a new friend to play with .. he wasn't more and more stuff on the server so we decided to move onto tekkit :D and i was last night like where is the mj ?? where is the eu ..


btw for mfe / mfsu which is the alternative here ? :D i've seen in a presentation now some energy cells that store energy .. ? :D are those the only solution . ? :D

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Since everything centers on Thermal Expansion in Tekkit Main, TE's Energy Cells are the only power storage. They come in four tiers:

  • Leadstone: saves 400.000 RF, max in/out is 80 RF/t
  • Hardened: saves 2.000.000 RF, max in/out is 400 RF/t
  • Redstone: saves 10.000.000 RF, max in/out is 2.000 RF/t
  • Resonant: saves 50.000.000 RF, max in/out is 10.000 RF/t

10 RF equals 1 MJ.


The Conduits notably only have three tiers, with Redstone already carrying the the maximum 10.000 RF/t.

Quarry power draw differs depending on what it is currently doing, but it peaks at around 800-900 RF/t, I think. So you can only power it halfway with Hardened gear, unless you attach two separate Hardened Energy Cells and their respective Conduits.

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