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Disabling Chunk Loaders (Teleport Tethers and Anchors) for players.

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Hey everyone,

I recently started a small tekkit server for friends. Its only got 1 gig of RAM atm, so i want to disable chunkloaders from being placed by the players.

If its possible to make it so only i as admin could place them?

This is much preferable to seeing the server crash... xD

I think i can use modify world as part of PermissionsEX, however there are items nodes and other scary stuff.

If someone could show me how to do this, it would be brilliant. Thanks a million!

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FINALLY figured it out after much digging. Here's for posterity:

Edit buildcraft/config/AdditionalPipes.cfg

Find and change: TeleportTether.Enabled=false

Edit config/railcraft/railcraft.cfg

Find and change: cube.world.anchor=false

Find and change: entity.cart.anchor=0

UPDATE: There's also the Immibis' Dimensional Anchor that does that too. It's less harmful because it limits to 3 per player by default, but, for completeness' sake, here it is:

Edit config/immibis.cfg

Option 1, disable for everyone. Find and change: chunkloader.id=0

Option 2, admin use only. Find and change: chunkloader.maxChunksPerPlayer=0

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