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MC amplified terrain map to Tekkit Server


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Hey guys,


Ive been playing both MC and tekkit for over a year and was just wondering is it possible to generate an amplified map terrain in MC and transfer it to a Tekkit server? Or has anyone done this?


I really want a massive mountain area to build a base etc.



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is this 'amplified map' a mod?


If yes, you might be able to integrate it into tekkit, make sure you get the right version, tekkit runs on MC 1.6.4 atm.



If you just have a map generated in MC and want to transfer it to tekkit, this might work, but you might miss the content of the mods that ships with tekkit (e.g. ores)...

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In case you are referring to this, unfortunately the answer is no. The feature was only introduced in 1.7.2, and Tekkit Main is still a 1.6.4 modpack. I cannot say for certain that it won't work, but I imagine that worldgen changes quite a bit between major Minecraft versions and thus makes newer worlds incompatible with older game versions. For instance, there are two new tree types in 1.7 (Dark Oak and Acacia), along with their own new biomes and much more. I imagine it to be non-trivial to convert anything of that back to 1.6.4.


You may still have a chance if you find a 1.6.4 mod that offers worldgen options in that style, as HeatHunter implied. I know of no such mod, but I don't know everything. The prime address to discover mods is Minecraftforum. Bear in mind that adding mods to your Tekkit makes it a custom modpack that is not eligible for support. Platform Pagoda is where we discuss those.


You could wait until Tekkit moves to 1.7, but as there has not even been an announcement yet, this may take a long time yet.

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I've got it to work! (to some extent)


I did the following: 


1) Open up minecraft and created a minecraft amplified server.

2) Copied to world file to a new tekkit server and replaced the tekkit world folder.


The chunks that were transferred from the Minecraft server crossed over. (Although as HeatHunter said, ores from mods were missing)

However, when I travelled out and generated new chunks, they were generated as tekkit chunks. 


So I now have a few chunks at the center of my map that are amplified! Gonna build my base here! And explore outwards for the ores etc. 


Thanks for replying btw! :)

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Alright, that sounds feasible. Make frequent backups of that world, because it will probably be hard to restore otherwise if the data gets corrupted. Unfortunately, corruptions are a fact of life and you need to take precautions manually.

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