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Voltz war


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Hello I'm looking for 3 people (or more) to play a voltz war game with me,there will be two teams spilt into separate calls the two people must work together to build,create and destroy the enemy.


 It does not matter if you are a noob or a expert this gives people a chance to meet new people and blow the hell out of them! 


if you want to contact me here is my Skype name:



to apply please comment with the template down below:




Skype Name:




Time zone:




experience at voltz: 



thank you for reading

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Name: TommyTheCreator9

Skype name: TommyThecreator9 i think


Timezone: EST.

Country: United States of America.

experiences: Im pretty good ive playted for aleast a 1/2 a year to a whole year. Ive done many survival worlds and got oretty successful but being alone is boring  :unsure: So hopefully you can make it fun.

Also iwould like to have atleast my friend on my team and if i can have one more person maybe my brother. Thanks!

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