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DLB Pack - Or "Dont Look Back!"


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This was a custom pack we made for our community. it was slowly put together based on player feedback and response from the community.
you can find the technic page here:

The mod pack as gone thru a lot of changes, but seems to be stable now. we've tried to use mods that arent really seen much in Major Mod packs.
The Goal of the pack is to get you out exploring and constantly freaking out whenever you venture too far from your base :)

TONS of various types of MOBS will attack you at any point.

But, we gave you a lot of weapon based mods to help you out too. So dont worry too much.
its nothing like blood and bones, but the configs have been tweaked slightly so certain mobs spawn more, or there abilites are a little more OP.
We've added a lot of mods that add either, mobs, weapons and armor, or worlds to explore. or.. jsut little things to spurce the worlds up ..
Its meant to be a LIGHT mod pack, so i've tried to keep it under 60 mods.

Some of my favorite mods to have played with an add was the unique artifacts mod. It dosnt seem to be used much.
I also added a mod from japan called pointy sticks...thats ones just for fun :)

It can get a little hairy when your out mineing only to find skelies are shooting fire arrows and tnt arrows at you,
you run back inside your home only to realize as you turn around that a creeper as been following you the whole

time and just WAITING for you to turn around :) The days Bring Zombies that spawn (in deadly numbers) in hordes,

the nights bring skelies with speacile arrows, and various versions of herobrine....

It can be a little nerve racking at times. but, there are some quite moments when you can build your base and explore.

I added crayfishs consturction mod so that you could easily expand you base, or take a base with you to construct quickly in your travels.
This is really meant for servers , so i tried to configure the mods and set it up so that certain things would be challenging and need
other players, or for players to have plenty of weapons to PvP eachother with.

This is a list of mods for the 15th version of this mod

Antique Atlas
Animals Plus
Animation API
Animated player mod( in an optinal file)
Bam's gravestone
Better Furnaces Mod
Better Storage
Balkons Weapons Mod
CrackedZombies Mod.

DokuDoors (japanese mod)
Richards Coffee and Tea Mod
Crayfishs Construction Mod
Elemental Creepers
Enchanting +
Extra Utilites Mod
farlanders Mod
FlaxBeards steamPower Mod
FlintLock Guns
Glenn's Gasses (mineing just went hardcore!)
GrowthCraft (all of the mods excapt Bamboo are installed in this pack)
Hats and Hats Stand mod (just fun, there configured to be very rare)
LightBridges Mod
Liquid Xp
Lots of Food
More Enchants
More Herobrines Mod
Mutant Creatures
Plant Mega Pack
Pointy Sticks Mod (Japanese Mod)
ShadersCore (optinal Mod)
Smart Cursor

SmashBats(japanese mod just for fun)
Tinkers Construct
ThaumCraft Mob Aspects
TL Speacile Armor
Tinkers Mech Works
TooManyitems Mod
Twilight Forest Mod By: Benimatic
Unique Artifacts
Wall Jump (optinal mod)
Warp Book

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lolz. so sad for you dude. yup. i make typo mistakes sometimes cause i think faster than i type.


Thanks for bring them to my attention however, and i did clean up the post due to the errors that were in it.


Though, i can PARTLY understand your reason for not wanting to play a mod pack due to bad grammar in some places....

I also find that to be a petty reason to not want to try out a modpack.


Thanks for all your negativity. appericate it :) It really helps alot in creating a nice mod pack centered around the theme of DONT LOOK BACK.

.. keep exploring forwards.....

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  • 2 months later...

Its been very busy for me over the month of january.


But, i've finally gotten around to makeing this modpack more SP playable.


1) removed: hidename tags, lock and key, and bloodmagic.


2) added: dokudoors to allow a more random teleport system. (it exciting to be transported far from you base and try to make your way back)

                 Smash Bats. - Just cause its fun :)

                 Meteors! - we need more action. The configs are still be adjusted so that they fall more often, and in teh day time. So be careful....


Once i get the configs down for elemental creepers and meteors, I think this will finally be the final udpate before

i start working on version 1.7.10 or 1.8.

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i tried using the weather mod by coro, but it wasnt working out very well :/ i configured it best i could, but i really like the wind effects.


good news is the weather mod seems to be working really well in the updated 1.7.10 version of this mod pack! It will def. add a little more scariness when exploring

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