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Need help/suggestions/fixes

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So I run an Attack Of The B-team server already, and I have recently acquired another server on which I'm planning to run TPPI. 

I want a hub spawn that allows players of both modpacks to join the hub and then walk into the server of their modpack, something a lot like MYM and Nemalands have. 

This is obviously going to run with bungeecord, but I don't know how. 

Anyone know how to set this up? I want a hub spawn so I can have a few minigames in the hub while the servers are full or down or restarting or under maintenance, any sort of thing on that part. 

Please don't tell me that its not possible, because it is, and servers are doing it. 
Please don't tell me that its easier to run the servers without a hub, because that's not the answer to my question. 

Thank you, kindly help me out. 

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