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How do you get coffee beans?

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Coffee is gained from IndustrialCrafts extensive Agriculture system. This is almost a whole mod in itself and explaining it in a post would take time I don't have I'm afraid (also I'm the first to admit I'm not all that knowledgeable on Agriculture Engineering in IC2).

So here's a forum the helps ALOT! http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Board&boardID=64

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The way IC2's plant system works is that you need to make crops out of 4 sticks. Which you than place on tilled moist soil as if planting wheat. Once placed you can right click on the crop with most seeds/plants to plant them into the crop. At which point the plant will slowly grow and once fully grown you can harvest it by left clicking it with out destroying the plant. Now if you right click it you will fully harvest it and destroy the plant causing the seeds to drop.

Plants placed into IC2 crops will have increased yields and can even grow faster or slower then normal. Also note that this is only the tip of the ice burg as the system gets rather crazy. Now that you know about crops lets move on to the more advanced items.

If you place a crop than right click it again with a crop in your hands you will turn that crop into a cross breeder. That will cross breed any adjacent crops to produce a new plant with in it. This new plant will normally end up being the same type as one of its parents. However their is a small yet random chance of it being a totally new plant type from normal minecraft or one of the many new plants exclusive to IC2's crop system. This chance is totally random and the parent plants have little effect on the results.

Now in addition to all this IC2 also has its own stat system for its plants that you can find out about by using a cropnalyzer. However you will need to get seed bags that randomly drop when you right click your plants which you than scan in the cropnalyzer. This will tell you how fast the plant will grow, its yield level when harvested, and how resistant it is to trampling and its environment. In order to help your plants to be the best they can be you will need to water and fertilize them regularly.

Also note that any crop that dose not have a plant in it has a chance of spawning a weed in it which will slowly spread to adjacent crops killing your plants in the process. In order to prevent that the IC2 author added weedx to the mod which when applied to your crops will prevent weeds from forming for a while. He also added the crop-matron which will automatically tend to your plants by using hydro cells, fertilizer, and weedx as needed.

All in all the IC2 plant system is very rewarding but requires a lot of maintenance to get the most out of it. However its very random nature can be very frustrating at times as there is no short cuts or surefire ways to get any of the plants. So it is all up to the luck of the draw with what you get out of it but it rarely disappoints with its rewards. Such as plants that produce iron, redstone, coffee beans, and even hops to brew beer with as well as a ton of other interesting plants.

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