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ComputerCraft Contest


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This is a contest dealing with ComputerCraft and Big Reactor automation. I'll go ahead and state what the prize is now so that anyone not interested can stop reading. 


The first person or team to show a fully automated actively cooled Big Reactors power station utilizing 25 turbines will be gifted a game of their choosing, up to but not exceeding, $60 USD (before tax) to their Steam account. 


If you are still reading you must be intrigued for more details. 


Using the 1.2.9e build of Tekkit, the system must include the following:


1. A status board that displays all 25 turbines with a possible of four (4) statuses -

  • Online (turbine is active and at optimal range of RPM (give or take 25 RPM)) - green text
  • Offline (turbine is inactive and at 0 RPM) - red text
  • Spinning Up (turbine is active but below optimal RPM) - yellow text
  • Spinning Down (turbine is inactive but has RPM > 0) - white text
  • A count of Online turbines
  • A count of Offline turbines


2. A status board of current operation that displays -

  • The current amount of RF/t production
  • The maximum amount of RF/t the system has generated
  • The current % of energy stored in a bank of 64 Resonant Energy Cells
  • The current % of control rod placement
  • The current fertility of the reactor
  • The current core temp
  • The current casing heat
  • The current mB/t of steam the reactor is producing
  • The current % of coolant in the buffer tank


3. It must be able to do the following -

  • Optimize control rod placement so that the reactor is creating steam at 2000 mB/t intervals (ideally there would be 25 steps - 0 through 2000, 2001 through 4000, and so on)
  • Turn off turbines when a bank of 64 resonant energy cells is 95% full (take the current number of online turbines and inactivates one - Do nothing if a turbine is spinning down).
  • Turn on turbines when a bank of 64 resonant energy cells is at 55% or below (take the current number of offline turbines and activates one - Do nothing if a turbine is spinning up).
  • Read the number of active turbines and raise/lower control rods to match needed steam production (i.e 16 turbines are active so the reactor produces 32,000 mB/t steam).

4. Anything else that I can't think of that the contestant feels is needed or would be cool. Keep in mind this has to run on the current build of Tekkit!


Contestants will be judged on the appearance of the display boards, how efficient the automation is, as well as other considerations. I will contact the winner and we will work out the receiving of the gifted game through Steam. Entries can either be screen shots or videos posted from youtube. Once the gift has been received, the winner will post all the code needed to run the system, as well as a rough count on the required pieces to create the system.


Good luck to all entries! 

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You should mention which CC versions are eligible. We have a rather old version in Tekkit stable and a slightly newer one in Tekkit beta, but it might well be that both are too old, on account of being 1.6.4-based. Especially the situation in Tekkit beta is problematic, because we seem to have version mismatches between BigReactors and CC. I have moved on a while ago, so I don't remember all the specifics and cannot easily check. But using Tekkit for this may be a problem for contestants.


Mentioning it here to avoid people getting frustrated when they only find out later.

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I overlooked that line. But all the more you need to clarify - both 1.2.9e and 1.2.10 beta can be viewed as current, and they are vastly different in that aspect. I also have a hard time viewing any 1.6.4-based pack as "current" in any sense of the word.

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