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Quarry set up with land marks


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I played on tekkit servers about a year and half ago. I just recently started playing again.  I went to set up a quarry and used the landmarks in this new version of tekkit and I can't set the actual size that I want

with the landmarks. The quarry doesn't build its frame on the red lines from the landmarks.  I used to make the quarry 30X30 which is well in its maximum size limit.  I can get it to work in Tekkit Classic but not the new Tekkit.  I see videos of people doing it the way it used to be but im starting to think that they are pretty old videos.  Are the quarries and landmarks supposed to still operate that way or did they change that?

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You need three landmarks, because three points will define a rectangle. Click the "middle" one to activate the lasers, then place the Quarry right in front of one landmark. I recommend using the same that you clicked for activation.


The trick is putting it against the landmark directly, not somewhere along the frame. I am not aware of any changes in that logic since Tekkit Classic, but then again, that was all awfully long ago and I may have forgotten.

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