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[Help]Chunk and mobs problem after a blackout


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Hello guys!


I am having some trouble here.

After a blackout in my city while I was playing, some bugs had appeared.


-Near my house, one chunk just "disappeared", and there is a hole there that I cant jump in or walk through it.

-Another chunks now still very slow to load and I need to wait a lot.

-And the mobs are spawning in almost infinite quantity.



I tried to reinstall the mod, to reinstall the Technic, and now I dont know what can I do to solve that problems :(

Sending some pics below: 




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Looks like a chunkcorruption. We had something similar in our tropicraft map. We had to delete the region file to make it run again. But this will of course delete everything that was in there. no clue if there is way around it. maybe if you have an older backup. you could exchange the region and not lose everything.

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Hey Torezu, thanks for replying.


Just to give some feedback, I tried to travel far away but the chunks didnt load properly.


I will try to do what you are saying, but I am having some troubles with my computer and I will ned to buy new RAM to it.


When I fix the problem I will try to do it! Thanks!

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