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Help Running a Server


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Have Started a Hexxit Server to play with some friends and am running it on a macbook pro with giving it 4GB RAM

Have a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 along with 8GB memory 1600 MHz DDR3 

Am trying to run the 1.7.10 version but it lags so bad the blocks take a few minutes to break and can not hit stuff. if anyone has suggestions would be appreactiated

Apologize if wrong place to post this

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i am using the macbook for server and had it on 3500 an was still lagging it was just for me and 3 others at most. Also use a Desktop computer in order to play it. (my friend suggested try that instead of same system) it works for the1.0.10 version but not the 3.0.0c version.

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