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Tunnel Bore loses items

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Hi Folks,

Did a search and didn't manage to find anything on this.

I made myself a brand new tunnel bore; bright and shiny. Fitted it with a diamond head, some rails, gravel and then went back to base about 6 chunks away for some fuel.

Came back and it had lost everything I put in to it.

It's done that twice now.

Could this be related to the deployer problem that I'm having?

Any ideas please?

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First time was not much, only one track, one coal-coke to see how far that would take it. Second time was full on all things with exception of gravel. No, I haven't tried training it.

I have found a problem, though. Without being able to tell when I'm going to hit slimes, I'm boring at level 40. However, I've discovered the behaviour when it hits water (I was hoping it would just mince the water source blocks) so it looks like the tunnel borer is going to be useless to me at this level.

Back to the drawing board!

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