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[1.7.10] Spectracraft [PVP/PVE] [50 Slots] [Open]

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This modpack adds a large collection of carefully selected mods to maintain a grief-free environment. Build upon version 1.7.10 with compatibility with Spigot / Bukkit.
Since I'm confident that the server can take a beating the white listing has been set to open for everyone to join in and take a look.
The idea of the server is quite simple, on "Earth" it is a survival PVE and this is the main world.
This world is meant to be tidy, clean and absolutely no griefing whatsoever so we needed to "disable" the machines on this specific world that do damage to the environment in a grand scale.

The resource world is created for those types of machines. However... to get easy ores comes a risk as this world is PVP enabled. Since we have Dynmap somebody might just be comming after your so steal your machines!

This way, the "earth" world stay's intact and doesn't really need a resetting for a long period of time.

The server has an economy, with CustomNPC's having item currency and data currency both are interchangeable in the bank of the spawn area.
Server rules:
While we don't have a lot of rules we enforce the ones we have.

  • No griefing / stealing, with the exception of the resource world.
  • Try to fit into the community we have a special room for you in the server called a prison if you cannot.
  • No massive entity farms, your'e only allowed to cage a few of each species because of the ability to automate everything.
  • Use common sense, read rule #2 for more information..

Server information:
We're currently just running on the backup server that consumes a little less energy then our main server.
And in the long run, we can even hookup the backup server to support the main server.
The current server specifications:

  • Operating system: x86_64 Linux 3.17.3-1-ARCH
  • Intel Xeon CPU X3460 @ 2.793GHz
  • 16GB of memory
  • 2x 10k RPM drive set in raid 1.

With a NAS to handle server backups and a dedicated database server I think we just do fine running on just the backup server..
Printscreens of our spawn:
KMHAX50b.jpg 3r1TaKeb.jpg Bb2S69Ob.jpg QOiGKXcb.jpg
For more print screens goto the album from imgur here

Modpack & Website Information:
For a list of mods that we have selected you can visit out website at http://www.spectracraft.eu/help-support/list-of-installed-mods/ or you can check with the licence permissions on our modpack page.
To play on our server you only need to install the modpack. For more information on how to do this please visit this page.

Edited by Xorifelse
Updated to 1.7.10.
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Hey, I've been having way too much fun on this server since I started on it a month or so ago. It's got so many mods to keep you busy with builds, machines, or whatever you want to do.

I think my top 3 favorite mods in the pack are Plenty O' Biomes, Mo' Creatures, and Forestry.

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