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Question about RFCC (or similar)


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I'm wanting to set up a proper power management system for my grid, and i found RFCC. I haven't started looking into it yet, as i'm still at work, but i was wondering if anyone has tried it out, how they'd rate it, and/or if they know of any tutorial videos for it that are worthwhile to watch.


On a side note - What other (if any) power management systems have you tried, and what is the best?

I'm basically looking for flow rate tracking for RF via Redstone Energy Conduit, so that i can properly throttle and control my energy flow.

(In the past, i simply out-produced every machine i created and dumped everything i had into my grid. I'd like to avoid that if possible)



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I don't know RFCC, but I presume it's a ComputerCraft thing. If so, keep in mind that stable Tekkit is stuck with CC 1.5x. Most current debate assumes that you are running CC 1.6.


As for flow rates in current Tekkit, the easiest way to control them is buffer Energy Cells with limited output rates. Take Laser Drill management as an example: It should be possible to fully power two Laser Drill Prechargers with one Resonant Energy Cell capped at 5000 RF/t. Use separate Conduit paths to the Prechargers and attach them to different sides of the Cell, so they both carry those 5000 RF/t. It should be sustainable because the input caps at 10000 RF/t.

Prechargers cannot use more than 5000 RF/t, but they will gladly suck any surplus amount and just waste it. That is why this is a classic application of flow management.

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Also - i like the throttling system. I'm using it currently (albeit not with Resonate cells - Using redstone for a battery backup / buffer on a smaller machine system in another dimension)


Mostly, though, i was hoping to find a true throughput reading. RFCC, while very close, seems to be limited in its capability with regards to energy flow because it tracks delta charge / tick. 

For example, in the above example, i'd get a reading of net 0 flow rate because i'm charging at the same rate i'm discharging. Not really helpful. LOL

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