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A pvp server idea

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For a while now I've been looking for a decent tekkit server that has pvp and stealing (maybe griefing) allowed, but found none that fit what I was looking for.

I do realise the fact that there are many godlike items in tekkit that completely break pvp and leave the world with huge square shaped holes and lava/water all over the place.

However, I also do think there are ways to fix most of these flaws, and that is where my idea comes to play.

Basically, what I had in mind was a server that would reset the map and the players every once in a short while... weekly, perhaps.

Maybe even a couple of days!

Some items would also be disabled, for example one piece from each set of dark/red matter, and quantum/nano, so that players cannot obtain complete invulnerability.

Because of the frequent resets, the experience would stay fresh, giving each player an equal opportunity to grow in power, and the world would stay relatively clean, and always contain fresh minerals and places to raid instead of looking like godzilla had paid a visit and crapped all over it.

If the players are not spread too thin, it gives teamwork a whole new level and protecting your base with even the simplest of traps could prove vital, because everyone would be racing for the better items within these "short" periods until the next reset.

I'm just theorizing here, and may be missing some important reasons that wouldn't let this idea work. I did put some thought into it, and take note I haven't listed everything about the idea in complete detail. I'd like to know what you guys think.

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