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[1.7.10]Nomad Technicians' Survival[PvE/PvP][24][Nomad Minimalist Pack][Whitelist]

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Teamspeakts.nomad-project.com, password: rofl

Server: mc.nomad-project.com

ModPackNomad Minimalist Pack


This server is leaning toward a harsher version of survival play than is found in vanilla, with a slower early game while still offering a collection of mid to late game mods. We are looking for players that want an open world, challenges both from the environment and their peers, and have the ability to work together or against each other with equal enthusiasm. Most of all be able to enjoy the game for what it is. 


Server is 24/7, Whitelisted, PvP is enabled but also isn't the sole purpose behind the server.


Ideal players are 18+ and have a graceful balance between being helpful and subverting your server-mates for your own purposes.

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