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change number of outputs for red matter furnace.


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i'm not sure if this is the right place but seems like the closest in the forums.

i want to change the output of a red matter furnace when smelting dust (iron, copper, tin, etc.) too 2, like with ore.

i DO know this can be abused, but im only using it for my single-player world, i don't see how exploiting it (which i don't plan too do) would hurt anyone ( besides there's nei anyway)

no angry ragesponses plz.

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If you're doing it in Modders Metropolis Questions then you must be looking to poke around the code yourself, because it's stated quite clearly that this is the place for programmers to share information and expertise on modding while SSP questions belong ion the Technic SSP section.


Take your freshly decompiled EE source and look for the red matter furnace tile entity. In there should be the code for doubling drops.

Look for a bit of code that creates a new stack, that should be the output part and will have the logic for doubling the output of smelting operations. Probably just a simple switch statement with a case for each of the ore blocks, though it could be an if statement checking for "instanceof" (that might make all ores compatible with EE by default, though I haven't looked at ore blocks yet to see if that's even possible).

Just insert the dust items into the logic with the ore blocks.

Recompile successfully, and you're done.

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Though first check to make sure that the EE guy might not have been smart and used a list instead of a switch statement, in which case you could add to the list by reflection instead of replacement. I wouldn't get my hopes up, but it could be.

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