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I am not able to craft a Treetap in Tekkit 1.2.9f


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My son (8) has wached a bunch of YouTube videos of players playing Tekkit, and i have just installed it for him.
I am trying to help him getting started, since he does not read english.
Everywhere I read, a treetap is mentioned as one of the first things to craft, but I am not able to craft one.
I can change to run Tekkit Classic, and I can craft an treetap, but nor in Tekkit.
I am running Tekkit 1.2.9f
And here is the MC version info:
When I place the planks, in whet I believe is the correct pattern, I am not able to craft a TreeTap:
Please help me so I am albe to get my son crafting in Tekkit.
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The treetap is an item from the mod IndustrialCraft 2.

That mod isn't part of this version of Tekkit.


You (or your son) will have to look at different videos if he's looking for help.

The videos he must have been watching would have been for Tekkit Classic, as you've apparently already found it.

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That's the malady with all those online videos. Nobody ever bothers marking them as deprecated.


The treetap was part of old IndustrialCraft 2, which is only in the legacy packs Tekkit Classic and Tekkit Lite now. I wrote an introduction to current Tekkit >here, maybe you want to skim through it and give your son some pointers. Don't memorize it too much, though. There will be a whole new main version in the foreseeable future which is certain to change all this again. Mods are changing, and even the largest, slowest packs need to follow those changes at some point.

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