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Small Scale Recruitment Thread - Tekkit


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This thread is reserved for people looking for one or two other people to play privately with. It's strictly for small scale private games, so no more than 4 people, including the host. Anyone found using this thread to circumvent the posting guidelines for server posts will be humiliated and flamed, then banned. The order of those actions may change.

Don't post here a dozen times telling different people you'll play with them. If you're looking for that kind of gameplay, go to the server section and find one.

After you have secured your contingent of people to play with, at the mods' discretion your post(s) may be deleted. On that note, people caught bumping this thread because they're "still looking for other people" will be subjected to the same treatment as those attempting to use this for larger server posts. Feel free to edit your post, but don't keep adding more posts.

Finally, we recommend stating your basic info in your recruitment thread. That includes especially the following:
- Number of people desired
- Active time zone and times
- Activity level (hours/day or week usually active)
- Any inactive mods/items you may have

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Hi guys, im Looking for a tekkit gaming group for up to 4 people, (including me) so we can play on some servers, preferably factions/towny, or our own server. Must be at least 16 years old to join and MUST have a mic, im in the PST, and play almost every day. We will most likely be speaking on skype or teamspeak, and we will further discuss the plan later. Thanks

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Hey people,

I'm looking for a small tekkit crew, I need four more people for fill my server. It's a survival server. I speak Dutch and English, and I'm in the CET. The server is online almost everyday.

- Need to be 14 or older

- Need to have a mircophone for something like teamspeak or skype.

If you are interested please send me a message, I check at least once a day.

Hope to hear from you soon!


ps sorry for the long post, here is a minecraft potato!


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Looking for someone(s) to play Tekkit with. Any Tekkit will do except for Lite.

- Number of people desired - 1-2 (not including me)
- Timezone - GMT
- Activity level (hours/day or week usually active) - My whole day normally, so around 10 hours per day.
- Any inactive mods/items you may have - None

- Age requirement - 11 - 15
- Server - Your server with Grief prevention (doesn't really matter) and pvp disabled or any grief prevention server.
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Hey guys! im running a small server. looking for about 4-5 good tekkit players to play on my server and possibly make videos for YouTube! (already have an active channel)

if interested let me know!

-# of people 4-5

-timezone central standard

-activity level (around 4-8 hours per day)

-no banned or inactive items

-ages 16 up

i will be checking for messages at least once a day. hit me up and we can get started!!

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Hey there,

my name is David, 27 years old from Germany.

I am playing Tekkit for a few days now and had previous gained some experience 1 or 2 years ago with some friends. It was just this week that i rediscovered that mod for me and i am now searching for people to play with. It really does not matter to me if it's a group of people or if you're the lonewolf that i usually am.

New Server/Start or existing Equiptment does not matter to me either, im flexible. :]

Iam not highly experienced with this mod which should not be a huge problem, i do know how to use google.

Since i played for international Teams all my life you can expect me to talk almost perfect english or, as a native, german.

So either one or both languages in use would be cool.

I do own my own TS3 Server and a original Minecraft Version, i would not mind going with the cracked one if its for the sake of playing together.

One thing though, i would like to have people with the age of at least 16-17 or preferably even older.


So if you think your group needs more people or if you believe that being singleplayer stopped making fun, message me or reply. 

Best wishes


PS: I am used to Tekkit Lite but in i do not mind changing to other versions.

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