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Regulator Troubles - Is this Tekkit or RedPower? (Possible Bug)

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I'm attempting to use a regulator to control the amount of ice blocks inside a nuclear reactor. One of the regulator's functions is to control the number of items in an adjacent container. If set to individual-mode, it will replenish each stack listed in the configuration GUI to an exact amount. If I put one stack of ice into the right-hand side of the GUI, it will keep one stack of ice topped up. However, when I try to use it to upkeep multiple stacks of the same item, in this case to keep six stacks of ice in the reactor, it begins filling indiscriminately, packing the reactor with ice. I put six stacks of ice in the right-hand side of the regulator's configuration GUI, but it will add unlimited ice.

I presume this is a bug, as it doesn't make sense from the described functions of the regulator, but I don't know if this is a bug in Tekkit or in RedPower. Has anyone else seen this behavior? If it's a Tekkit bug, I'll file a report in the bug forum, but I wanted to make sure before bothering the Devs. (If not, I'll have to see what Eloraam's process is for filing bugs.)

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Its RedPower, I have the same issue with the regulator tending to crop matrons.

when using multiple stacks of the same item the regulator will not properly detect that those items are "in stock" in the attached storage device, and will continue trying to send the output filter regardless of inventory status of the target.

the other problem i have with all redpower machines in general is that they dont understand what item types are acceptable in which slots in the crop-matron. ;(

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