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  1. In the bin folder, what specific files need to be included in the pack and which ones are downloaded automatically? Modpack.jar is obviously included, but what about the others?
  2. Right. I'll just go pick a server, login, and... "You do not have sufficient priviledges" Oh no! It's almost as if server admins can choose to turn off the mode or keep people from using it!
  3. -1 Some "EE2 lovers" just enjoy playing on a multiplayer server. You know very well that creative mode may as well not exist in multiplayer: no one enables it.
  4. Thank you! A thousand times, thank you! I've missed hearing this kind of spirit among modders!
  5. Look, if you're set on making certain that people can't have enough blocks to build with, you're playing the wrong mod pack. Go look into Tekkit - they're all about making sure you can't have as much as you want. But quit whining about it in a modpack that is that way by design. Also, "just play Creative" is never a valid argument, because nobody runs a server in creative.
  6. This is Big Dig, it's supposed to have easy access to materials..
  7. It is. But there are a number of forumites that seem to think that having anything left over after you finish building the full tech tree is a sign that it was too easy or "OP". I can't really claim to understand that viewpoint, myself. I say if you still have stuff left over, you haven't built enough! :D
  8. It's been suggested before, and I'll suggest it again, that we put a sticky thread mentioning IC2 & RP2 in the title, both here and in the Tekkit forum, explaining what the replacments are. It would probably cut down on the number of people posting topics like this.
  9. I think right now the policy is "that's what wikis are for". Feel free to link, if nothing else it will make it just a little bit faster to find reference content if/when it's replaced by a full page.
  10. It's an embedded laptop graphics card, but if you're playing for a while it gets hot enough to burn unprotected skin. That's a sign that it's using quite a bit of electricity. The adapter's rated for 65W, and that'll run your electric bill up if you leave it on all the time. Plus, then double-hit because the air conditioner has to remove the heat. Yeah, I'm watching my bills. Sue me. As I said, I might try it, but by that point it's starting to seem a bit ridiculous.
  11. ... REAL electricity. Even with recent improvements in performance, it still pegs the video card pretty hard. Leaving it running like that all the time would give me a non-trivial jump in my electric bill.
  12. I've generally not found it to be good to leave it running indefinitely. Tends to lock up or I come back to a 'you're dead' screen. Not to mention gobbling electricity down. Maybe I'll try doing that again soon anyway.
  13. That's diappointing. I had an awesome house and portal-age built in my 1.2.2 version. :(
  14. Singleplayer, Niavmai. Just because I enjoy server play doesn't mean I live where I can get an internet connection to do so. And yes, I do have a good internet connection at work. But playing minecraft at work would be frowned upon, to say the least.
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