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I want to join a private tekkit server to make, 1-4 players :)

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...I dont call :/ not got a mic atm!...

You are planning on getting a mic before you record stuff right? I doubt many people will want to watch otherwise, I know I personally don't like that kind of video at all.

Also, why do you want to make videos like this Duncan person is already doing? I am not trying to be insulting but what is the incentive to watch your videos over his? Would it not be better for you to do something more original?

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Guest Alex Mindock

I'd love to join a small tekkit server if you're doing a let's play. I've been watching Duncan for the past few days to learn tekkit and I'm really enjoying it.

Message me for my Skype username.

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Yes, I'm interested, but I'd like a few small details, and I think all you would too.

1 - Age (I'm just a bit nervous about playing with people not around my age group)

2 - Country (just for the lag, or something)

3 - Skin (I really detest playing with people with Steve/Honeydew/Xephos skins)

4 - Themes (I loves if people have themes or whatever)

And how often will the server be played?

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If you guys still need another player i would LOVE to join, and maybe get some help with Tekkit :) Cuz, im a new n00b :D Im not sure which age group, you guys are in, but im 13 :) Please PM cuz that could be really awesome :D

Most people thinks good about me, and i hope u guys will so :)

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  • 4 months later...

I want to join. I know almost everything about tekkit. On my single player server i have RED MATTER.

Nobody posted in this thread for several months. He's probably finished recruiting if he ever did do it by now, and necro posting is bad. Check your dates before you revive an ancient thread for no reason.

If you want to join a small server, I suggest going here instead:


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