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  1. You may as well just play in creative mode...
  2. Not quite the same but close enough, you can store a stack of stacks (64 x 64) of 1 material per barrel, and they are really cheap (entirely wood)
  3. Creator wanted it removed, try using the search feature.
  4. "Shadowgirl09 is now following you" O.O Any particular reason why?

  5. You could just..y'know, upload them somewhere else
  6. I can view the contents without extracting anything
  7. Unpack the optifine zip, add the contents to modpack.jar You don't need to "unarchive" modpack
  8. Patience is a virtue! Use 1.4.6, put it in modpack.jar hardly rocket science
  9. What does it add besides annoying sounds?
  10. Care to share how you did that? Being unable to play my old world is pretty much the only thing stopping me from using Tekkit Lite
  11. I'm not a fan of this yet either. I use Tekkit because Technic runs like shit on my computer and has a few mods I don't desire or have any interest in (Thaumcraft, Mo'creatures and a few others). It didn't come with Optifine, not a problem, installed it myself. Copied my save across from Tekkit lite, click it, Minecraft crashes. I try again, "Server closed" I think I'll just stick to the outdated Tekkit lite, at least that works for me. EDIT - Just read that I will indeed need a new world, fuck that, I've spent ages on this. Back to lite I go :)
  12. We have a whole section for this, who would've thought it, eh? http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/voltz-servers.71/
  13. Then post on their forums, it's no longer supported here.
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