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Is Attack of the B Team Having Problems With Java 8?


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I'm just curious because my friends updated to Java 8, making sure to update to the latest "Attack of the B Team" build that supposedly has the mod in it that makes it run with Java 8, and when they run it, the client will randomly crash.  This is happening for each of them when they're starting single player worlds AND when they log onto my server (which is also updated to the latest B-Team version.  So I'm assuming that there must be some kind of Java 8 problem?  I'm using Java 7 still with no issues, but a lot of my other programs just went through updates and are starting to require me to update to Java 8 so this is going to be an issue for me eventually.   Is this a known problem?

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For my friends, since updating to Java 8, Attack of the B-team, even though they're using the latest version, won't run without crashing.  It just drops right to desktop and it doesn't leave a crash file or anything either.  


Using Java 7 causes no problem with us.

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