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MC Pro Hosting How To Install HELP ME PLEASE

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Ok, i have been trying to install Tekkit on my Mc Pro Hosting server that i pay for monthly and when i download the files to the website and run the server it doesnt work and nothing happens if someone use MC Pro Hosting and has figured out how to install it And get it working please help me and explain need SERIOUS help Thanks

Mr Munch

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What happened to the good old hosts where you had SSH access and had to install things like Java and and customize everything manually but correctly? Now days its way too restrictive. Atleast they should have a check box thats like "Allow ssh access or Basic server"

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Introducing Tekkit Host, the new brand brought to you by Mineocity Hosting to provide automated Tekkit Hosting. Tekkit Host aims to provide quality Tekkit hosting with both instant setup and affordable price tags.

At this time you can use the coupon code "MCFtekkit" to take 5% off every month that you have the server with us.

Our servers are all running the same high-quality setup that we have optimized for our Minecraft services.

Intel E3-1230



100Mbps Unmetered dedicated connection.

Server Locations:

USA: Los Angeles, California

Europe: Coming Soon

Below are the default plans but we can provide more space on request.


We look forward to providing all your Tekkit server needs and if you have any questions feel free to send us a PM here on the forum or send us an email: sales-at-tekkithost-dot-com.

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