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Hi guys, 


I just started playing Minecraft about 2 weeks ago and I love it! Today I started playing with the Tekkit modpack and surprisingly I have unlimited resources that I can just pick when pressing E. Is there a way to disable this? Unlimited resources makes this game pretty boring. Thanks!

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The mod is called Not Enough Items (NEI) and you will hardly find any packs without it. Its main purpose is looking things up, but for some reason, Tekkit has it running in cheat mode by default if the player has operator rights. Turn it to recipe mode and the left/right-click actions will give you recipes and uses instead of donating the items (the same functions that are bound to R und U keys in cheat mode).

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There is also a way to alter the config file to permanently disable NEI's cheat mode, in case you're tempted by the in-game ability to turn it back on. There's an entry called "lock mode". I don't remember exactly how it's done, but a quick search on Google should turn up some useful information.

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