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Trouble with Big Reactors/Transfer Nodes


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I've been trying to upgrade my reactor from passively cooled to actively cooled with turbines.  Everything seems to be working except that my reactor is constantly running out of water.  I had been using aqueous accumulators to supply water, but they are woefully inadequate.  In searching for an alternative I found transfer nodes from extra utilities.  However  I can't get liquid transfer nodes to pump water.  I have one positioned and facing a water source block and loaded it up with mining upgrades, but there's nothing happening.  I found a reference to a "world interaction" upgrade on the FTB wiki, but that doesn't seem to exist in Tekkit.  I was successfully able to get an item transfer node to mine a cobblestone generator...but fluid ones aren't working at all.  I'm close to giving up and just using passive reactors again, but I was really looking forward to using turbines.  I'd be disappointed to have to abandon that project.  Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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World Interaction Upgrades are a new addition in the 1.7.10-based version of Extra Utilities. In 1.6.4 Tekkit, you should only require speed upgrades to get the Liquid Transfer Nodes pumping faster.

I never used them myself for this purpose, so I don't know what they need. The easiest solution by far is just placing the Fluid Ports of your Reactor and Turbine facing each other directly. It's a bit fiddly to set up in this old version, because the state (input or output) can only be set from the inside that way, and this requires a completed Turbine. But the ports remember their settings while placed, so you can do it.


You still need an additional Reactor Fluid port for first filling, but a single Aqueous Accumulator should be enough to supply it. The main feed should be sustainable later on with the steam/water loop between the two machines.

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