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Client Chunk Problems

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Hi Folks,

You can always trust me to come up with the good ones.

I've bought a Fit PC 3 Pro - http://www.fit-pc.com/web/fit-pc/fit-pc3-info/ - 4gig of RAM, Radeon card, running the latest Mint 64 bit and Java 7 64 bit.

With the standard Minecraft client connecting to my Craftbukkit server, I have no issues.

With the latest stable build of Tekkit connencting to my Tekkit server, I have real problems. I am lucky if the chunks load around me, very slowly, and some don't load at all; so I can be in a room that consists of, say four chunks square, and half the room doesn't load, or maybe the ceiling.

I've tried deleting the .technic folder and letting it re-download everything, but no luck. Both clients are using the same version of java.

This is a picture of a room which should be completely made of marble, with some crystal chests -

The server is already on view distance 7.

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Which version of that computer do you have 1 GHz single or dual core, or 1.65 GHz dual core? That is like a netbook or tablet PC CPU. I hope you are not trying to run the client on that same PC at the same time.

I have had no trouble running a vanilla minecraft server on AMD 1 GHz 2 core 2 GB tablet PC in 64-bit Linux booted from SD card (other than it occasionally asking if the time changed or if it cannot keep up), but have not tried running tekkit server on it, which is very likely more intensive.

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