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Monitor if the quarry is running using Computercraft

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With redstonepipes or when engines are running.

If redstone.getInput("[sIDE]","true")

print("Quarry is running")


print("Quarry ins't running")


Maybe you need to put a 5 sec. buffer or the display get spammed.

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What Logge said... I used wireless redstone transmitters hooked up to redstone pipes like that and then set up a big computer with monitor at home to tell me which quarries are running and which aren't.

Worked like a charm until some asshat with sniffer/triangulator raided my quarry site and then my base, which wasn't that far away. True story.

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logge. yes you can see if the quarry get redstone signal, But if like if it is a steam engine and its empty with fuel then you cant see if its running correcty? iam i right

ok videoboy ill check it out

He meant placing a redstone pipe in the middle of wherever your items are piped to. If items are going through, the pipe will emit a signal. If there is no signal for a long time, you know the quarry isn't working for whatever reason. :P

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