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Updating Railcraft

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I've done a bit of searching (browsed through to page 20), and I cant seem to get the answer I'm looking for. The railcraft version on Tekkit, is quite a bit out of date, and we would like to use several features that are included in the new updates (such as the water tower, two block high loading and unloading, etc)

The questions I have is.

1) If I manually upgrade railcraft on our SMP Server, do the clients need to update as well?

2) How do I manually upgrade railcraft. Do I just throw the zip into the mods folder?

3) Is there a new build slated to be released soon? Are the dev versions available to us? Should I even bother?

Thanks in advance.

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1) Yes... Because it has new functions and such. Both client and server version needs to be synchronized to get something like that to work.

2) Indeed, but don't forget to remove the old zip file. You'll need also to make a backup of your railcraft config file, remove it and let minecraft generate a new one. This will probably give you a block ID error. That's why you have a backup. Just copy over the Block and Item IDs from the backup and also check in the new file for new blocks if any. (Idk.) Could be that you also have to change the block ids for that.

3) There is a dev build for the client only. Don't use it and just wait patiently for version 3.1.0 or up to come out. Don't ask for ETA's BTW, it's not allowed. Moderators of this forum hate it and will punish you if you don't look out. ;)

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