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If you do, it should turn from grey (unlinked) to green (linked). When in another dimension, you can then use it to teleport back to the linked location. Remember that you should put it on a bookstand for this, as it will otherwise just drop to the ground and be susceptible to damage.


If you want to use a book from within the same dimension, the page used to create it needs to have Intra-Linking on it. Otherwise it will only work from another dimension, such as the Nether, the End, The Underdark or a Mystcraft Age.


Refer to >bochen's guide for more pointers.

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No idea what you're talking about. If that is a Minecraft function, modded or otherwise, I am not aware of it.

Cinematic camera mode has been in Minecraft for a while, at least since 1.7.2 and probably before.  I suppose it might be useful for creating LPs, but otherwise it's annoying when you accidentally turn it on (F8 default).

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