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Tekkit compatible mods that make mobs/dungeons/loot more interesting

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Does anyone know a dungeon mod or loot table mod for vanilla dungeons that works with Tekkit 2 or 3? We run a small private server with most of EE disabled (collectors, DM/RM tools/gear etc) and usually run out of things to do once we finished building most things. The vanilla mobs are quite boring, so any mod you can suggest that makes mobs/dungeons/loot tables more interesting is welcome.

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You should consider installing mcmmo also, add a great challenge, there's a thread somewhere with the modded items to add to mcmmo configuration, its really awesome.

Just glanced over it's wiki and it sounds great. Just finished generating some catacombs near player bases who asked for more interesting adventures. They are in for a nice surprise next time they log in :P

But I have to ask them first about mcmmo. I like it, but not sure if all are interested. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

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