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How to send energy (RF) wirelessly?


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I know you use to be able to use teleport pipes when buildcraft was part of tekkit. But im looking to send the energy from my Resonant Energy Cell to my machines, Redstone Furnace, Pulverizer. etc


Whats the best way to send the energy wirelessly? Or do i have to use the Redstone Energy Conduit to send power?

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Thermal Expansion's own Tesseracts are the standard way to do this. You need to use them in pairs (send/receive) and they should connect to most things. For things that won't connect, try Conduits, which do all conversion duties in Thermal Expansion.


To make a Tesseract work, you need to create a frequency in the interface, then attune both the sending and the receiving one to that frequency. Also check the settings tab in the right to control what will be sent and/or received. Tesseracts do power, items and liquids - you may want to disable what you do not use on that frequency.


P.S.: Remember that both ends need to remain chunkloaded, or the connection will be suspended.

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